7 Things Every Student Must Do Before The End Of Uni Life!


7 Things Every Student Must Do Before The End Of Uni Life!
















1. Make your own cocktail



From a Dirty Martini to a Strawberry Daquiri, cocktails are the essence of a good night out! So why not mix it up a little, try blending a variety of tropical fruits together including pineapples, coconuts and papaya with vodka or rum for a more risky cocktail. To enhance the essence of the spirit try also adding a lower alcohol concentration then mix in a cocktail shaker (though not necessary). Serve it up in a fancy cocktail glass to friends and be creative in naming your cocktail.




2. Host a dinner party



Come Dine With Me have re-enhanced the popularity of dinner parties, so why not try hosting your own dinner party with a theme. Many themes include a 50s night, Old Skool Retro or perhaps even a cultural fancy dress to suit your menu for the night (e.g. Chinese or Indian) – it will really lighten the mood for the dinner party! Start off by creating a menu with the three main headings; starter, main and dessert. Carefully consider what dish would go under each heading, be careful to ask around for any of your guest's allergies. Dinner parties are great when guests try something new, so research something different and try it out before serving. Although not essential, entertainment may be a good idea this can range from creating a fun game whilst your guests are waiting or providing music.




3. Join a society



Yes you are probably reminiscing of the daunting images of student union flyers hovering about everywhere during Freshers Week, asking to join a society. But the essence of ‘uni life’ is based solely around meeting different people, one way to do this whilst adding a little extra to your CV is by joining a society. Societies are not as overwhelming as they sound, there are some passive societies such as religious or debate society as opposed to the more daring snowsports for the extreme. Many societies in your university form part of a larger society hosting events for multiple universities, for example London’s SnowOperative hosts two annual ski trips per year catering to major universities around London.




4. Have a karaoke party



Karaoke! The word itself connotes laughter, fun and embarrassment. If you don’t fancy a night out try stay in with friends and hosts a karaoke party. You don’t have to raid the piggybank and look for any pennies, as karaoke machines are usually cheap to set up. Try putting up a YouTube page containing song lyrics and connect your laptop to speakers. Karaoke machines can be second hand and be bought on eBay at a reasonable price.



To really liven up the party try serving snacks alongside your friends are making a fool out of themselves. Small sandwiches, French pates or even go to Iceland for cheap frozen party food! Budget or what?! Karaoke parties are ensured to bring smiles to everyone’s faces so you are guaranteed the reputation of a great host. A great legacy carried throughout university life.




5. Visit another university event



Although you are experiencing university life, why not try and see what life is like outside the campus? Look out for any events in your student union, most likely dance clashes or sports tournaments against other universities. Learning life through another university really enhances your cultural experience, and shows you more to the university life. Every university is different, many neighbouring universities are likely to engage in more tournaments. Visiting another university event will also enhance your travel experiences, alongside meeting great people along the way!




6. Make friends with someone from a different country to yourself



Talking to the same people every day can become daunting, step outside the box and meet someone new. Learning about different cultures teaches understanding and respect, skills needed once you enter the graduate world and network with others in the employment market. Meeting new people is all part of the ‘uni life’ equation, experience going out with some of these foreign students and you can both be teaching each other a thing or two about how you both live. 




7. Start an essay early



Ever heard the little voice in your head days before the deadline saying ‘I should have started this early’. Well here is the voice of reason once more, start your essays early and not only will your grades boost but you will feel a sense of relaxation. The dreadful deadline can cause spots, anxiety and countless nights of no sleep. Over consumption of caffeine related products also contribute to increased tiredness overtime. Avoid this unhealthy habit and you will surprise yourself. Starting an essay early will allow time for more editing and little sense of urgency. Set yourself a personal deadline 3 weeks before the initial deadline, and watch your fellow students panic around the time whilst you sit back. 









Zeenat Abdoolwahed

University of Westminster Student