Calling all fashionistas: Your guide to becoming the next Kanye or Rihanna!


As a student you are constrained to a spending limit, your student loan may cover your books, travel and rent but what about your wardrobe? Lets face it, nobody wants to be seen in the same repetitive clothing. We are young; our wardrobe represents us and should not become a dull repetitive uniform.  Fortunately for us as students the top branded companies feel our pain and have empathetically introduced the idea of student discount.


From personal experience, although I have balanced a part time job simultaneously attending university full time I would still need to watch the pennies after having paid all my rent and bills. I would do many hours of the dreadful overtime, even working late nights but the money earnt does not always cater to my particular style of clothing. As young adults we are all guilty of being selective in our footwear, accessories, clothing or even jewellery. We have now pushed into an era where fashion is evolving from the laid back hipsters to the Kanye West leather pants! This guide is composed to keep us in the fashion loop regardless of how much money we have in our accounts.


Your gateway to heaven! Simply register to this Eden-like website and it’ll open a gateway to many worlds. Many brands ranging from Apple, Adidas, Ryman, Schuh and many more offer high priced products at a discounted rate. The registration is free and requires a valid university email address and voila, you will now be able to save enough money to spend towards the more important things such as drinks on a night out! This website will sure be doing a lot of popping up on your frequent website history.









As a student you will become familiar with ASOS. This multi-million pound British online fashion store is raking in the profits mainly from us students, they hold regular sales and discounted promotions. The concept of ASOS is fairly simple, they sell high end or own branded clothing through their website channel, with a 70% sale section for us bargain hunters. Sign up to the ASOS mailing list over at and receive early sales invitations and special discounted codes for use at the checkout. If you’re an eager bird eyeing up for when your local postman makes his deliveries, worry not as ASOS have introduced a heavenly add-on service: ASOS Premier – At the cost of £10 per year you receive next day delivery on all orders. Pretty awesome if you’re ordering a last minute dress or shoes! And don’t forget this website is also registered to so you can earn a cheeky 10% discount on items or occasionally a 20% discount catered to us students. 








Thrift Store Shopping


Remember when mom jeans were not cool for a while then mother dearest waved her magic wand and now high-waisted Levi’s are the coolest hype! Remember when Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air demonstrated almost every bright colour in the spectrum through his funky-coloured jackets and obnoxious shirts, well now even the 90s fashion have made a comeback!


The coolest thing about 90s fashion making a re-appearance in this era is that not only does it give a breezy hipster vibe but it can also be relatively cheap. Many thrift stores, mainly found in Brick Lane, East London sell much of these clothing from £5, and in superb condition too. Levi jeans are sold almost new in the Brick Lane Sunday markets from a reasonable £5, as well as funky-coloured blazers in the Brick Lane stores. Brick Lane has established its name as fashion capital, with youngsters pairing up the most incredible outfits from disco pants to hanging fur tail keychains to oversized customised denim jackets.








Zeenat Abdoolwahed

University of Westminster Student