The Difference Between Student's Travel & Professional's Travel

London is a city where the options of getting from A to B are infinity, there’s a different route and there’s a different method for everywhere you want to go. It’s a great habit to get into planning your journeys around what you want to see not the stereo typical “office worker” mentality of the fastest route. In a city with so many amazing sites, which millions of tourists every year come to see, why do so many of us travel underground, or in a crowded busses? And worst why take the same route every day?

It’s easy for a lot of people to get caught up in the rush of London, especially for those with a full time jobs, sadly these professional wake up like hard wired robots with no imagination and freedom of thought to mix up the route they have taken for possibly years, sadly even some poor folks decades…

But as students it’s fair enough to say we got a bit of spare time, well most of us plenty of spare time. The other thing we don’t have is a lot of money; fortunately the two go perfectly together. The benefits of mixing up your travel with cycling, walking, running, skipping or even rolling for some can be amazing for your bank account. The average student pays around £25 pounds per week on travel, that’s 25 beers in your fridge or a night out.

If however your scared of cycling after the recent traffic accident deaths, think about it this way: there were 189,000,000 trips last year and 14 deaths so you got a 1 in 13.5 million chance of dying every trip, unless you intend to do 13.5 million trips there’s no need to worry and the government is creating safer bike lanes and tracks. In zone 1 and most of zone 2 it’s actually even quicker to travel by bike than anything else, even tube or taxi.

Another way to see London is to just walk around, London is filled with secrets all over the place and you need to personally show up to find things- not everything is on Google. Students often don’t know the area that well they live in so be sure to find out the rich culture every area in London has, especially the one you live in. The best thing is the less you plan the better, sometimes just taking weird quite roads leads to some amazing discoveries.