Student hall laundry dumpers put in their place thanks to heroic student

For centuries, students have been divided over the issue of washing and drying clothes - until now. A finance student from CASS Business school has transformed how students deal with the infamous “Washer-Dryer dilemma” by forging an ingenious 4-step method, creating an infallible laundry method that has turned the depressing “coin-flip of an available washer trip to a sure hit”.


The genius behind the scheme, Raymond commented that it took “hours to perfect the ideal resident friendly process” which despite its seemingly complex nature, has been successful at his student halls – Pure City, London. 


“Creating and Implementing any new idea or process is never a sure thing. After many trial periods with different amounts of clothing, colour, detergent and softener – I found 30 minutes was 30 minutes in all cases.”



However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for a visionary like Raymond, “Once you’re in that Laundry room, geo-politics and reasoning go out the door”. Raymond had numerous scrapes with residents who simply couldn’t comprehend his concept “It is a very sensitive race issue. Often, the whites and colours are separated in the washer. I see a day when all laundry can be washed and dried together”.


Specifically, the process suggests that the owner of the laundry “documents” the time period left of the cycle, possibly on an iPhone, so that they may be reminded to remove their clothing precisely at the correct time. Critics claim that the average student simply isn’t capable of completing such an extended process, and that the status quo of irritable Facebook group posts and photographs should remain.


When we went to meet Raymond, his persona of modesty and generosity was overwhelming, and something which one rarely experiences. At one stage however, he did consider leaving his university to patent the process, and potentially make millions; instead he opted to “put it in the hands of the worthy and righteous”. 


Raymond believes that similar models can be applied to other key life areas, and plans to put his next concept into an incubator, attain angel investment and move forward from there. When asked for a message for his growing fan base he remarked,

“Great, let the people live vicariously through me. As for achieving themselves, please, fall in line”. 




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