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Questions About Booking A Room.

Where do I start looking for accommodation?

Have a look at the accommodation available on our website. See what you like, and what you don’t like. 
Then get in contact with us - share your thoughts and wish list so we can send you the best available options to compare and pick from. 


When should I start looking and booking? 

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Private Halls are popular because of their great location and variety of rooms. Most of them also offer an EARLY BIRD OFFER which is a real bargain - keep an eye on our Facebook page for these. 
If you know where you're going to study, get ahead of the game and start having a look today. 


How do I know which place is the best one? 

Look at Reviews! Student Reviews are a great to the pros and cons of each Hall! Have a look at the reviews on our website and through our Facebook - we offer total honesty and up to date reviews from students who do, or have, lived in Halls. 


Can I arrange a Viewing? 

Of course - we can arrange Skype Interviews or Face-to-Face with every Hall provider on our website, and more! Just send us a message with the Hall you want to view and when you want to view it. 


How do I book a Room?

Easy! Get in contact with us - tell us what you want and when we have found the perfect place we can guide you through the process of booking. This can either be a form or an online process, depending on the company and your preference.


Where can I live over Summer? 

Some Halls offer Summer stays in their accommodation. This is great if you have a job or are doing an intern programme. Get in contact with us and we can find you a summer location to live in! 



Questions About Payment and Contracts


How do I pay? 

Once you have been offered a room by the Hall Manager you can set up a bank transfer or pay online. The payment method can differ in each Halls but don’t worry - we will make sure you know all this when you are booking. 


How much should I be paying for my room? 

This is a really hard question as every city is different. Our promise to you is to offer the best deal we can find you! 
NOTE: Just be warned London is more expensive, especially if you are looking for Zone 1 and 2 so be ready to travel for cheaper accommodation. 


How long should my contract be? 

Academic Contracts are either 44 Weeks or 51 weeks - all Halls offer a combination of both. The length of your contract will affect the price of the room, with longer contracts making the weekly price cheaper.
Some Halls offer short term contracts of 17 - 20 weeks, or Termly contracts. These are rare but can be found so get in contact with us to find out more.


Can I cut my contract short? 

You can leave your student accommodation whenever you like, even if there is still a month left on your contract. Some Halls offer a shorter contract and will give you money back if you leave early, but this will depend on the Hall Manager. 

Usually, once you select a contract and sign it - this is your contract for the year.


Can I extend my contract?

The short answer is yes! 

Most Halls welcome extension of contracts especially if you are looking to stay another year. Get in contact with us and we can introduce you to the Hall Manager, or organise an extension for you. 


What is included in the price?

All bills are included in the rent. This includes gas, heating, electricity, water, Council Tax and Wifi. The bills also include security and a reception which can collect your post. 


Do you offer any discounts? 

Check out or Facebook page for the latest offers - Halls will end us deals which can offer you money off or Freebies.


Can I pay in installments?

Yes - there are usually 3 options: A 1 off payment, 2 installments or 4 installments (Termly). Paying in advance can sometimes reduce the amount of rent you pay. 

If you’re an International Student -  Some accommodations ask that you have a UK Guarantor if you are interested in splitting the payments. If you have any questions, or need help with this - Get in contact!  


Can I cancel my booking if I don’t get in or change my mind?

If you get another offer, Halls will let you cancel your booking and pay you back your deposit if you can provide an acceptance letter as proof. 

Otherwise, there is also a 10-14 day cancellation policy (the length of time depends on the company) where they allow you to cancel and receive your deposit with no questions asked. 

Make sure you ask us before you sign so you don’t get stuck in a contract! 


What is a Guarantor?

A Guarantor is usually a parent, guardian or relative who is co-signing your tenancy agreement. By signing the contract they are agreeing to be responsible for the room, paying any outstanding charges should the student not do so or if you default. 


When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be given back to you at the end of your tenancy - any damage to the room will be taken out of this money.

Some Halls offer to take the deposit off your first rent but will ask you to pay for damages at the end of the year (if there are any)



Questions About Rooms

What’s the difference between En-Suite and Studio? 

An En-Suite Room is a bedroom with your own Private bathroom but a shared kitchen of between 3 - 6 people (this can differ in each accommodation) Although this involves sharing, it can be a great social space to make some new friends.

A studio is the whole package in one - Within your room you have a bathroom and a kitchenette meaning you can have peace and quiet. 


What does a Twin Room mean? 

A Twin Room consists of 2 beds in one room (and usually comes with a private bathroom for both of you). It is a great option for friends who are coming to University together as it tends to be cheaper and you get to live together. Don’t worry: You both get your own key to the room! 


Can I pick my room within the Hall? 

Most Halls will let you pick your room where possible. This is usually done online when you apply for a room, they will ask you to select from the options available. Alternatively, you can make requests which halls will attempt to meet - when you are offered a room there is always the opportunity to ask to change. Hall Managers are the best people to speak to about what is available. 

NOTE: Hall Managers get a lot of requests and offer rooms at a first come first served basis, so if you are applying late the options will be limited.


What is included in my room?

All rooms come with a Bed and Mattress, a cupboard or hanging rail, a desk and a sinks in the corner. Each room in each hall will be different but on our website there is a room description of that can assist you. If you are still unsure, please do ask. 

Kitchen items, bed covers and hangers are amongst the things you will need to bring with you as they are not commonly provided.

Do Halls Provide Insurance?

Yes - halls do generally provide content insurance… providing that you lock your room when you leave. Make sure you read the T&Cs when you sign the contract. 


What if I don’t like my room? Or don’t get on with my roommates? 

This can happen, although it is very rare. Once you are there, if you have any problems talk to the Hall Manager. They are there to make sure you get the best experience so will assist you with any issues or if all else fails will move you. 
Alternatively, contact us and talk to our students who have lived in Halls for their opinions/advice. 


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