Student Guide

The free UK Study Visa app; a free gift to all who want to download it. It is a companion tool for all you prospective students around the world considering study in the UK, and Hallbookers way of welcoming you to our little isle, which just so happens to be full of excellent universities! 

UK Study Visa is now available on Google Play, please click this Link. 


Our easy to use search tool will help you find the right visa for your needs and give you essential information and guidance on how to apply for it. 

The search tool covers every type of course in the UK - from short language school summer courses - to full time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and everything in between. 

Wherever you are from in the world - or whatever age you are - our search options will cover your particular case and provide a simple route to your visa application. 

We also have a set of unique tools that help you find information on and make decisions about where to study in the UK - as well as a cost calculator to help you plan your budget for your study stay. 

You can search by university and calculate the average accommodation and living costs in that particular city. 

- Easy to use search facility to find the correct visa for your UK study needs. 

- Easy to find, simple and clear information on the requirements for your visa application. 

- Clear information on your legal status for paid employment during your stay in the UK. 

- Clear information on legal length of stay outside your course dates. 

- University ranking comparison tool. 

- Easy to use and comprehensive accommodation price guide tool for every UK university city. 

- Cost of living calculator. 

- Unique cost of living vs official ranking evaluation tool for every UK university. 


 Our visa finder tool will guide you through the visa process. You will learn about the requirements you’ll need for your specific visa. What documents you’ll need for your application and any extra special details that may apply to you based on your country of origin. You can then proceed directly from the app to the official GOV.UK online visa application process and start your journey to living and studying here in the UK. You’ll find easy to read and understand information on your rights to find paid work during your stay as well as the time you can legally stay in the country both before and after your course starts and finishes. 


Use our dynamic infographic tool to help you evaluate which UK university could be the best choice for your study needs and budget. Compare room type costs in any UK university city against official Guardian Newspaper university league tables to give you a guide to the best value for money college for your needs. 


Enter any university of your choice into our built in budget calculator to get an estimate of your accommodation and other living costs during your stay in the UK. See how far your money will stretch and try different universities to suit your budget.