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Comprehensive Guide to Student Accommodation in Canterbury

Comprehensive Guide to Student Accommodation in Canterbury

Canterbury, a historic city blending ancient charm and vibrant student life, is a learner hub.

Rich in history, from the Roman invasion to Chaucer's famed Canterbury Tales, this world heritage site stands as a beacon for students globally.

With the esteemed University of Kent as its crown jewel, Canterbury is a city every student dreams of calling home.

Canterbury: A city steeped in education

Located in the heart of England's South-East, Canterbury boasts not one but three prominent universities:

1) University of Kent: A renowned institution, it's a premier choice for many scholars.

Established in 1965, the University of Kent is a distinguished academic institution. Its diverse course offerings spread across multiple campuses in the UK and Europe have fostered a rich educational environment for students worldwide.

2) Canterbury Christ Church University: Melding tradition with modernity, this institution offers diverse programs.

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) was established in 1962 as an institution dedicated to teacher training. Sponsored by the Church of England, its roots are firmly within the Anglican faith.

Gaining its university status in 2005, the institution has since expanded its offerings but remains committed to its faith-based foundation and dedication to vocational training.

3) University for the Creative Arts: Perfect for those with an artistic inclination, it nurtures creativity.

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) is a premier institution dedicated to art and design. Established in 2004 and achieving university status in 2008, UCA has since set a benchmark for creative education and academic partnerships.

Together, these institutions accommodate a staggering 31,000 students, making students the city's lifeblood. With almost one-fifth of the city's student population, Canterbury offers a unique blend of academic rigour and social vibrancy.

Student life and accommodation options in Canterbury

University Halls

University Halls serve as the first home for many freshers. A fantastic way to acclimatise to university life, these residences, typically situated close to the campus, are brimming with first-year undergraduates.

Options range from self-catered to part-catered and even full-board.

At Hallbookers, we can help you find accommodation.

Private Halls

Offering more amenities than traditional university halls, private halls come at a slightly higher price. With a diverse mix of students, they're often located near the university, ensuring students are always close to the action.

Need help determining where to begin your search for outstanding accommodation?

Check out these top 5 RESIDENCE HALLS in Canterbury!

Currus Court (Clic to check availability): An ideal student accommodation in Canterbury, ideally for students studying at the local universities. A 2-minute walk will get you to Canterbury Christ Church University, while the University of Kent is a mere 17-minute bus ride away. The accommodation features cluster en-suites, making it easy to bond with fellow students and foster a sense of community. Beyond the living spaces, Currus Court offers a wealth of on-site facilities.

Palamon Court (Click to check availability): Palamon Court is in the centre of Canterbury and offers fantastic studio and en-suite student rooms. In just a 5-minute walk, you can chill in the pretty Dane John Gardens, see the old Canterbury Castle, or shop on the main street. It's next to Canterbury Christ Church University and has a bus service that runs 24/7, so you can travel anytime. Plus, there are over 500 spots for students. If you prefer to stay in, there's a gym, study spots, game tables, and TVs. Your rent covers all bills, and there's fast internet everywhere, making it a breeze to chat with friends and family globally. With a peaceful courtyard and study zones, it'll feel just like home.

Rhodaus Court (Click to check availability): Located just a 2-minute walk from Canterbury Christ Church University and a 17-minute bus ride from the University of Kent. Our en-suite cluster rooms, accommodating 4-12 students, are perfect for community living, while Classic Studios offers independence with their kitchens. Beyond rooms, we feature on-site facilities like a gym, cinema lounge, study room, and landscaped courtyard. We're adjacent to Palamon Court, allowing residents access to its amenities. Located centrally, a brief stroll leads to Dane John Gardens, Canterbury Castle, and shopping areas. With 24-hour university bus access, all-inclusive bills, 24/7 CCTV, and bike storage, Rhodaus Court ensures convenience and safety. Book your space today!

Canterbury Student Manor (Click to check availability): This is a prominent and recognised option for students seeking housing in the Canterbury area. Situated alongside the scenic Great Stour riverbanks, Canterbury Student Manor provides contemporary student housing in the heart of historic Canterbury, featuring a blend of studios and en-suite rooms to meet the needs of all students.

Parham Student Village (Click to check availability): Canterbury offers a prime location and easy commutes to top academic institutions, including a 15-minute walk to Canterbury Christchurch University. Public transport is close, with a bus station nearby and a train station just a 7-minute bus ride away. Rooms are contemporary and designed for student comfort. Features include a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and on-site maintenance. The residence is secure, with bike storage available. A short walk leads to the city centre via Great Stour Way, abundant with shops, eateries, and landmarks. Highlights include the student-favored New Inn bar and the renowned Canterbury Cathedral. The Village's setting promises a pleasant university experience.


Once you've experienced life in halls, many opt for house shares. Teaming up with friends, students can opt for properties in student-friendly locales, albeit at a slight distance from the university. It's the perfect blend of independence and camaraderie.


Flats are ideal for those who prefer a smaller setting or are moving in with a partner. They offer the intimacy of a house share but on a smaller scale.


Seeking premium accommodation? Studios, either within private halls or as standalone units, offer luxury. They come at a premium but offer unparalleled amenities. The residence halls featured on our website also provide studio accommodations.

Check the options here.


Homestays provide a unique opportunity for students on a budget or those seeking a more local experience. Live with local families and immerse yourself in Canterbury's culture.

Why Canterbury is the student's choice

Canterbury, with its rich history and student-centric amenities, is unrivalled. Whether it's the allure of historic sites, the promise of academic excellence, or the myriad of accommodation options, Canterbury beckons students from all corners.

Moreover, with platforms like Hallbookers, finding the perfect home away from home becomes a breeze.

Canterbury has emerged as a prime destination for students for a multitude of reasons:

  • Scenic Campus: Kent University boasts a picturesque campus with lush green spaces, thriving wildlife, and an inspiring city view
  • Cultural Richness: Canterbury is synonymous with culture, making it a vibrant place to study and immerse oneself in.
  • Outstanding Facilities: The city's universities have award-winning facilities that provide a conducive environment for learning.
  • Entertainment: Students can access an actual campus cinema and various other leisure options.
  • Sustainability: Universities in Canterbury, like the Canterbury Christ Church University, prioritise energy efficiency and environmental consciousness, creating a sustainable study environment.
  • Diverse Graduate Community: Kent University's postgraduate community accommodates those returning after a study break and those continuing their studies while working.

FAQs: About living in our Canterbury residence Halls



When to start searching? Most students begin their search in August.
However, options are available throughout the entire year.

How much will it cost?

Prices for residence halls may reach up to £165 per week.
It's recommended to check specific accommodations for precise rates.

How long are the contracts?

The standard duration for contracts is typically 46 weeks.
Nonetheless, there's a degree of flexibility depending on the specific property or hall.

Is a deposit required? A deposit is typically required, often equivalent to 5 weeks' rent.
However, some properties or halls might not necessitate a deposit.
It's always good to ask the accommodation provider directly for precise details.

What unique experiences
do the halls of residence offer?
The halls integrate support with social events and activities,
providing a student experience that's unparalleled elsewhere.

What can I expect from the
Student Accommodation Handbook?
The handbook serves as a guide to independent living,
aiding in your transition into student life. It also includes a list of contacts for advice, support, or guidance.

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