10 High-Potential Part-Time Jobs for University Students in UK

10 High-Potential Part-Time Jobs for University Students in UK

Are you juggling the demands of university life and looking to earn extra income while improving your CV? We understand that finding the right part-time job can be overwhelming. The options seem endless, and you may wonder where to start and how to stand out in a competitive job market.

Don't worry; We've got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the 10 best part-time jobs designed for university students in the UK, giving you information, requirements and tips to excel in each role

1. Temp Work

Overview: Temp work offers university students the flexibility to switch between various job roles, making it an excellent choice for those seeking diverse experiences. Whether catering at large conferences or hosting VIP guests, temp work provides a valuable opportunity to expand your skill set.

Requirements: Prior experience in the hospitality industry is beneficial but not mandatory due to the often urgent nature of temp positions.

Expected Pay: Temp positions typically pay between £8 to £15 per hour, with weekly pay.

Getting Started: Send your CV to a local temp agency, and they'll connect you with suitable job opportunities.

2. Dog Walker

Overview: If you adore animals, becoming a dog walker or pet sitter allows you to earn money while enjoying the company of furry friends. You can set your hours, making it a flexible option for university students, and walking a dog can also decrease loneliness and help you exercise for the day!

Requirements: While no formal qualifications are required, previous experience in pet care can reassure pet owners.

Expected Pay: You can earn up to £35 per day as a pet sitter. /Dogwalker's average salary

Getting Started: Join pet-sitting platforms like Pawshake or BorrowMyDoggy to start your pet-sitting journey.

3. Part Time Waiter

Overview: If you thrive in a lively, fast-paced environment, consider working at your favourite bars. This role enhances your social skills and offers the chance to earn a good income, especially if you enjoy late-night shifts.

Requirements: No bartending school attendance is necessary, but experience in customer-facing roles and handling intoxicated customers are valuable.

Expected Pay: Bartenders earn up to £60 a night (excluding tips), depending on the establishment.

Getting Started: Apply online or visit your preferred bars to inquire about vacancies.

4. Mystery Shopper

Overview: Becoming a mystery shopper can be an enjoyable and rewarding part-time job for those who love shopping and dining out. You get to evaluate products and services while sometimes enjoying a free meal.

Requirements: No formal qualifications are needed, but computer literacy and anonymity are essential.

Expected Pay: Mystery shoppers typically receive £5 to £15 per visit.

Getting Started: Apply for this exciting role to mystery shopping companies like MarketForce or MysteryDining.

5. Retail Worker

Overview: Typically, numerous retail job opportunities become accessible throughout the United Kingdom, particularly in November and December, when shoppers flock to stores during the bustling holiday season.

Requirements: Prior experience is beneficial but not mandatory due to the often urgent nature of temp positions. No formal qualifications are required.

Expected Pay: Retail workers earn up to £80 per working day.

Getting Started: Send your CV to a local temp agency, and they'll connect you with suitable job opportunities.

6. Private Tutor

Overview: Share your expertise by becoming a private tutor. You can teach various subjects, from instruments to languages, offering flexible hours.

Requirements: Agencies usually don't require formal qualifications, but showcasing your expertise in your biography is essential.

Expected Pay: Private tutors can earn between £15 to £20 per hour, depending on experience and subject.

Getting Started: Sign up with private tutoring platforms such as UKTutor, MusicTeachers, or Tandem for language tutoring.

7. Product Tester

Overview: Earn money by testing and reviewing products, services, and websites before they reach the public. This role allows you to provide valuable feedback and enjoy early access to products.

Requirements: Most companies prefer individuals familiar with their products to provide accurate reviews.

Expected Pay: Product testers typically receive around £7 per review, along with the product itself.

Getting Started: Sign up on platforms like UserTesting, or MagicFreebiesUK to start testing products and services.

8. Resident Advisor

Overview: If you reside in student halls and need affordable accommodation, becoming a resident advisor can be a win-win situation. It's a sociable role that may involve organizing events and bar crawls.

Requirements: Most universities provide training, and no formal qualifications are necessary.

Expected Pay: While not a traditional paid position, you'll often receive free or heavily discounted student housing.

Getting Started: Contact your student housing provider and apply online, which may involve submitting a short video about yourself.

9. Student Brand Ambassador

Overview: As a student brand ambassador, you'll represent brands, nightclubs, or events companies on your campus. This role is perfect for outgoing, passionate individuals who can connect with peers.

Requirements: Extracurricular activities and a sociable, professional demeanour are valuable assets.

Expected Pay: Look for companies offering around £10 per hour for your promotional efforts.

Getting Started: Search for "student brand ambassador" positions online or visit your favourite brand's website.

10. University Ambassador

Overview: If you're proud of your university and enjoy engaging with new people, consider becoming a university ambassador. You'll promote your university to prospective students.

Requirements: No specific qualifications are generally needed, but a genuine passion for your university can make you stand out.

Expected Pay: University ambassadors earn around £8 per hour, varying by university.

Getting Started: Contact your university's ambassador programme to explore available opportunities.

Where should I look for work?

Securing employment in the UK demands diligence and commitment, but numerous available resources can aid in your pursuit. We advise utilizing your university's career centre, which provides valuable assistance in crafting resumes and mastering job interview techniques.

If you're looking for part-time jobs for students in the UK, here are some websites where you can find job listings:

  1. StudentJob UK: StudentJob is the largest online student job portal in Europe, offering a wide range of part-time job opportunities for students.
  2. - Part-time Student Jobs: features various part-time student job listings, including positions like Student Hub Assistant and Student Support roles.
  3. Save the Student: Save the Student offers a job search engine that's updated hourly, helping you find part-time student jobs near you from various UK job sites and agencies.
  4. Indeed - Part-Time Student Jobs: Indeed is a popular job site where you can search for part-time student job openings in the UK.
  5. E4S - Student Jobs: E4S is a frequently visited UK student jobs website that provides opportunities for part-time jobs, temporary vacancies, internships, and graduate jobs, especially during the Christmas and summer periods.

These websites offer a wide array of part-time job options catering to students in the UK, making it easier for you to find suitable employment opportunities.

In conclusion, there's a plethora of part-time job options for university students. We hope this guide has helped you discover the right one for you and provided valuable tips to shine in your chosen role. For more student advice and insights, explore our blog for further information and guidance. Good luck with your part-time job search!

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