Student Life in Preston

Student Life in Preston

Preston stands out as a top choice for students for several compelling reasons. The city has made significant progress in healthcare, transportation, and helping people balance work and life.

It also has a significant and lively group of students.

It is easy to get to cities like Manchester, only 39 minutes away, or London, which is just 2 hours and 9 minutes away. These are just a few factors that make Preston an ideal destination for your educational journey.

Universities in Preston

Preston is home to several educational institutions, with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) taking centre stage. UCLan, situated in the city's heart, boasts a diverse student body comprising undergraduates and postgraduates, totalling around 25,000. What sets UCLan apart is its extensive selection of courses and active involvement in research.

The university has built strong relationships with famous groups like NASA, BAE Systems, the Department of Health, the Football Association, the Professional Golfers Association, and the International Olympic Committee. This has made it a centre of high-quality academic work.

In addition to UCLan, Preston is home to Preston College, Cardinal Newman College, and the Royal Preston Hospital, which serves as a teaching hospital. These institutions contribute to the vibrant and dynamic student community in the city.

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When it comes to the cost of living for students in Preston, there are several essential factors to consider:

1) Accommodation costs

One of the primary expenses for students is accommodation. Halls of residence typically range from £83 to £130 per week, depending on the type and location of the accommodation.

Preston´s Top Student Residences

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Overall, while the cost of living in Preston is not the lowest in the UK, it remains reasonable, especially when compared to larger metropolitan areas.

With careful budgeting and access to support, students can manage their living expenses comfortably in this student-friendly city.

2) Eating out in Preston

When it comes to dining options, Preston offers a delightful culinary landscape. The city boasts diverse eateries and watering holes, with an even greater selection just a short drive away. Some local highlights include:

  • Ginger Bistro
  • Honeywells Farm Shop
  • Town House Coffee and Brew Bar
  • Cafune South American Café
  • Bistrot Pierre
  • Greekouzina
  • The Stags Head Goosnargh
  • Azuma
  • Macdonald Tickled Trout Hotel
  • 1842 Restaurant & Bar

Venturing beyond the city limits will lead you to discover hundreds of additional dining establishments, ranging from restaurants to tea houses, cafés, and more, scattered throughout Lancashire.

3) Nightlife in Preston

Preston isn't just about studying and shopping; it knows how to party, too. The city is renowned for its affordable and lively nightlife. Whether you're in the mood for dancing the night away or sipping cocktails in a swanky bar, you'll find something that suits your style.

Evoque, Warehouse, and Baluga are perfect for those seeking a night of dancing and cheap shots. Meanwhile, places like Review and Turtle Bay will always satisfy you with their crafted cocktails and classy ambience if you prefer a more refined evening.

Some notable spots include:

  • Roper Hall
  • Old Black Bull
  • Rift Bar
  • Evoque
  • The Warehouse
  • Adelphi
  • The Academy
  • Reflex
  • 53 Degrees

For those seeking a more extensive nightlife experience, the proximity to destinations like Blackpool, Manchester, and Liverpool, just a short drive away, opens up a world of possibilities.

4) Shopping as a student in Preston

Preston boasts a diverse shopping scene that caters to various tastes and preferences. The city hosts several prominent shopping destinations, including St George’s Shopping Centre, Fishergate Shopping Centre, and Deepdale Shopping Park. These locations offer a blend of independent boutiques and well-known chain stores.

Notably, St George's Shopping Centre is conveniently situated in the city's heart, while Fishergate and Deepdale are just a short distance away.

Furthermore, Preston's city centre is a shopper's paradise, featuring many shops ranging from national retail giants to charming local boutiques. This extensive variety ensures that you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for during your shopping excursions.

5) Getting Around Preston as a Student: Convenient Transportation Networks

When navigating Preston as a student, you're in luck.

The city boasts excellent transportation options:

  1. Extensive Road Network: Preston is well-connected with crucial roadways such as the M6, M55, and M65 nearby. The A59 offers a convenient route to Ormskirk, ensuring smooth travel by road.
  2. Reliable Bus Service: The city offers a dependable bus service that covers most student areas and central neighbourhoods. Affordable and extensive, it's a convenient way to get around.
  3. Integrated Rail Network: Preston's railway station is part of the West Coast Main Line. This means easy access to major cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester, and Glasgow and local services connecting picturesque areas like Cumbria, the Lake District, and Lancashire.
  4. Air Travel: If you're flying, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport are within a 40-mile radius to the south of Preston, making air travel accessible.
  5. Cycling Delight: For the environmentally conscious or those looking for a leisurely ride, the Guild Wheel, a dedicated cycle route encircling the city, promises an enjoyable day out.

In summary, Preston's comprehensive transportation network ensures that as a student, you'll have no trouble getting where you need to go, making your educational journey even more convenient.

Top Places to Visit in Preston

Preston is a dynamic city characterised by a thriving student community. It boasts a plethora of captivating attractions and engaging activities to discover.

Here are some must-visit places:

  • Harris Museum & Art Gallery
  • Brockholes Nature Reserve
  • Beacon Fell County Park
  • Avenham Park
  • Ribble Steam Railway
  • Winckley Square
  • Guild Wheel
  • Lancashire Infantry Museum
  • Moor Park
  • Preston Docks
  • Turbary Woods Owl and Bird of Prey Sanctuary
  • Forest of Bowland
  • Bowland Wild Boar Park
  • British Commercial Vehicle Museum
  • Cuerden Valley Park
  • Ribchester Roman Museum

Venturing further afield allows you to explore the entirety of Lancashire, including destinations like Blackpool and the charming towns and villages just a short drive from Preston.

Unlocking Opportunities: Finding Work in Vibrant Preston

Preston's dynamic economy opens doors to various job prospects for students. While industry giant BAE Systems may not have temporary roles, the city is teeming with smaller enterprises that offer part-time or short-term employment.

Moreover, Preston's lively hospitality scene, including bars, restaurants, and cafés, provides numerous job openings. The retail sector is another avenue for student employment. Preston's thriving job market allows students to earn while relishing the city's laid-back northern ambience and numerous attractions.

Preston is an exceptional choice for students, providing an enriching academic environment, affordable living expenses, a vibrant social scene, and countless attractions. Its proximity to major cities and natural beauty spots only adds to its allure. Embrace your academic adventure in Preston with open arms!

Finding the best student accommodation in the UK is essential to ensuring a rewarding academic journey. Whether studying in Preston, Coventry, Cambridge, Cardiff, or any other city, the UK offers many options to suit various needs and preferences.

When deciding, please remember to prioritise comfort, reviews, and affordability. Dive into your search for the perfect student accommodation and embrace the incredible experiences awaiting you in the UK!

Stay tuned for our following top cities to study in the UK.

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