Student life in Brighton

Student life in Brighton

Today I want to write about student life in Brighton and give you information about an excellent and new student accommodation in Brighton.

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Brighton - The Gem of the South Coast

Brighton, a vibrant city on the south coast of England, emerges as an idyllic destination for students.

With its unique blend of seaside charm and urban flair, Brighton offers an unparalleled student experience.

This comprehensive guide delves into every aspect of student life in this dynamic city, from education and living expenses to leisure and transport.

Educational landscape in Brighton

Universities at the heart of Brighton

University of Brighton

Located in Moulsecoomb, the University of Brighton is a beacon of academic excellence. It ranks prominently in UK league tables with over 400 courses across eight schools. The university's proximity to the beach adds a scenic backdrop to its rigorous academic environment.

University of Sussex

Perched near the South Downs, the University of Sussex is renowned for its comprehensive course offerings, including over 70 PhD programs. It excels in American Studies, social sciences, and several other disciplines, securing a high rank in the UK league tables.

Colleges in Brighton

In addition to universities, Brighton is home to Colleges like Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Bellerbys College, Brighton College, Roedean School, and Varndean College, broadening the educational landscape for students.

Please note that there are more colleges in Brighton!

The cost of living in Brighton

While Brighton’s allure is undeniable, students should be mindful of the higher living costs. The city's status as a seaside destination and proximity to London contribute to its elevated living expenses, though still more affordable than London or Surrey.

Culinary delights for students

Brighton boasts an eclectic mix of eateries, from familiar chain restaurants to unique independent venues. Gastronomic gems like Kindling, Shelter Hall, and The Little Fish Market offer diverse culinary experiences, making dining out in Brighton a constant adventure.

Shopping experiences in Brighton

Shopping in Brighton caters to diverse tastes. The Lanes, with their warren of narrow streets lined with independent shops, present a unique shopping experience, contrasting with the more traditional Churchill Square and Brighton Marina.

Transportation for students

Navigating Brighton is a mixed experience. While the city is well-connected by rail and bus, cycling and walking are often more convenient due to traffic conditions.

Here are some of the transportation options in Brighton:

  • Train: Brighton has a central train station called "Brighton Railway Station" (often referred to as just Brighton Station). It offers frequent and fast train services to and from London Victoria, London Bridge, Gatwick Airport, and other major cities in the UK. The train station is centrally located, making it convenient for travellers.
  • Bus: Brighton has an extensive bus network operated by Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company. Buses serve various routes within the city and connect Brighton to nearby towns and villages. You can also use buses to explore different parts of Brighton.
  • Cycling: Brighton is a bike-friendly city with dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing schemes. You can rent bicycles to explore the city, and there are also plenty of bike racks for secure parking.

Student accommodation in Brighton

Accommodation options vary from university halls to private residence halls.

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Holden Court new student accommodation in Brighton

This student accommodation in Brighton offers excellent accessibility to various universities, making it a convenient choice for students:

  • University of Brighton, Moulsecoomb Campus: Accessible by a 7-minute bus or 13-minute walk.
  • University of Brighton International College: Reachable within 5 minutes by bus or an 11-minute walk.
  • University of Brighton, Falmer Campus: 21 minutes away by bus or a 16-minute bike ride.
  • University of Brighton, City Campus: Just 11 minutes by bus or 6 minutes if cycling.
  • University of Sussex: A quick 11-minute bus or 14-minute bike ride.
  • BIMM Institute: Easily reached in 24 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by bike.

Holden Court is ideal for students seeking independent living, offering a range of stylish, modern studios. Each studio is spacious, fully furnished, and specifically designed for students, featuring en-suite bathrooms and fitted kitchens.

The accommodation provides various facilities for residents' convenience. These include an ample communal space with a TV area, sofas, table tennis, and study spaces.

Additional amenities include on-site laundry, a separate TV lounge, and bike storage. Utility bills are covered, and free Wi-Fi and broadband are available throughout the building.

Employment opportunities for students

Brighton's entrepreneurial spirit and the plethora of cafés, bars, and tourist venues offer diverse employment opportunities for students, particularly in the summer.

If you want to read more about Students working hours in the UK, read this post.

Nightlife in Brighton

Brighton is known for its vibrant nightlife scene; several clubs are popular among students. Remember that clubs' popularity can change over time, so it's a good idea to check for the latest reviews and events.

Here are some clubs in Brighton that have been popular among students:

  • Coalition: Located on the seafront, Coalition is a popular nightclub that often hosts student events and offers a mix of music genres, including house, techno, and indie.
  • The Arch: This multi-room nightclub often features well-known DJs and a variety of music styles, making it a favourite among students looking for a diverse nightlife experience.
  • Pryzm: With multiple rooms and different music styles, Pryzm is a popular choice for students looking to dance the night away to a mix of commercial and chart-topping hits.
  • The Haunt: This venue hosts live music events and club nights, making it an excellent spot for students who enjoy a mix of live performances and DJ sets.
  • Patterns: Located in the heart of Brighton's Lanes, Patterns offers a unique atmosphere and hosts various events, including live music and DJ nights.
  • Concorde 2: This venue is known for its diverse music programming, featuring live bands, electronic music events, and club nights that cater to various tastes.
  • Komedia: While primarily a comedy and live performance venue, Komedia also hosts club nights with eclectic music selections that can appeal to students looking for something different.
  • The Volks: Situated on Brighton's seafront, The Volks is known for its underground electronic music events, including drum and bass and techno nights.
  • Shooshh: Located right on Brighton Beach, Shooshh is a popular choice for students seeking a beachfront club experience with various music genres.
  • Revenge: This LGBTQ+ friendly club often hosts themed nights and is known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

In conclusion, Brighton, with its eclectic mix of education, culture, and lifestyle, presents an exciting and fulfilling student experience. From its educational institutions to its vibrant nightlife and culinary scene, Brighton is a city that offers something for every student.

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