Student Accommodation and Student Life in Leicester

Student Accommodation and Student Life in Leicester

Student Life in Leicester

Hey, fellow students!

Let's chat about Leicester – it's right in the heart of England and an excellent place for us students.

It has history and culture, and more than 65,000 students come here every year, making it lively and diverse. I will give you the lowdown on students living in Leicester so you can get the best out of this fantastic city.

Life as a student in Leicester: Fun and learning combined

  1. Top-Notch Universities: Leicester has two big names in education – the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. Both are smack in the middle of the city, so everything you need is just a stone's throw away.
  2. Living on a Budget: One of Leicester's best things is its affordability compared to other UK cities. This means you can enjoy life without breaking the bank – from rent to nights out, it's all student-budget friendly.
  3. Nightlife: The nightlife in Leicester is epic! There are many clubs and bars with student nights, so you're guaranteed to have a good time without spending loads. Liquid, Superfly, and Chilli White are some top spots to check out.
  4. Coffee and Chilling: If you love coffee as much as I do, Leicester's got your back. Many cool coffee shops are around, perfect for study sessions or just hanging out with friends.

Finding your perfect student accommodation in Leicester

Lots of Choices: Whether you want a big student house or a snug apartment, Leicester has something for everyone. Many places have great features like en suite rooms and modern kitchens.

Where to Live: The City Centre is perfect if you want to be in the middle of everything. Clarendon Park is close to the University of Leicester and has a great vibe. If you're looking for something more affordable, Westcotes is the place to go.

Favourite Residence Halls in Leicester: At Hallbookers, we offer accommodation in Residence Halls. Today, I recommend a few accommodations close to the university that offer all the comforts you need during your studies.

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St Georges Tower - check availability

Studios for students in Leicester - choose from premium or deluxe options that fit your lifestyle. St. George's Tower offers student accommodation in the heart of Leicester.

Filbert Village/ check availability

Filbert Village in Leicester offers convenient student accommodation near the River Soar, a 10-15 minute' walk from local universities and the city centre. It provides various room styles, including en suite flats and private studios, all well-furnished with essential amenities like kitchens.

Newly renovated communal areas, set for September 2023, include a common room with games and seating, a cinema room, and a study space. Utilities such as an upgraded laundry room and Wi-Fi are included in the rent, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free living experience for students.

Lumis Student Living /check availability

Located in central Leicester and close to De Montfort University and the University of Leicester, it offers a premium living experience. This expansive residence just steps away from lively bars, restaurants, and the scenic Castle Park, offers a variety of rooms to suit different preferences and budgets, from shared flats to private studios. Amenities like an on-site gym, games room, cinema, and study spaces ensure a comfortable and luxurious student life.

Pennine House /check availability

Enjoy all-inclusive, secure student accommodation at the heart of Leicester City Centre on Millstone Lane.
Located right next to De Montfort University and just a 5-minute walk from Leicester Market Place and Highcross Shopping Centre, it's the perfect place to experience city life.
Check out our newly designed Superior Plus Apartments! These fully refurbished rooms feature ¾ beds, ample wardrobe storage, Smart TVs in every communal kitchen area, and an extra shower in each apartment.

Reynard House

Leicester's finest private student accommodation, located on Welford Road in the city centre, began welcoming students in September 2022.

This all-inclusive, luxurious residence offers a variety of high-end studios and ensuite apartments, complete with modern communal amenities.

The Print House

Enjoy a spacious Classic en-suite, measuring 13m2, featuring a ¾ sized bed, wardrobe, ample storage, a large study desk, and a mini fridge in each room.

The layout is organized by floor, with either 7 students sharing one kitchen or 13 students sharing two kitchens. Plus, superfast internet is available in every room.

Applegate Place

Right in the heart of Leicester's city centre, Applegate Place ideally stands between DeMontfort University and Leicester University.

At Applegate Place, it's all about community and vibrancy. You'll have your own space, yet feel connected to a larger, lively group.

73 Princess Road East, Leicester

Ideal for those attending the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, this accommodation is conveniently situated near both universities.

We don't require any deposits or fees, and your rent includes all utilities – water, electricity, heating, WIFI, and complimentary contents insurance.

Finding the Right Place to Live

Choose Wisely: When you're looking for a place to live in Leicester, make sure you go with someone reliable. Look for places with transparent pricing and bills, making life much easier.

Beyond Studying: Arts and Culture in Leicester

Arts and Entertainment: There's heaps to do in Leicester when you're not studying.

The Curve Theatre and Phoenix Cinema are fab for a bit of culture, and the New Walk Museum and Attenborough Arts Centre are must-sees for art lovers.

If you're into space, check out the National Space Centre – it's got cool interactive galleries and a massive rocket tower.

Why Leicester rocks for students

The Whole Package: Leicester is brilliant for us students. It's affordable fun, and a wide range of places to live. It's a city that gets what students need and want.

So, get ready to start your adventure in Leicester! It's a place filled with opportunities inside and outside of uni. Trust me, it's a great choice for your student years.

Finding suitable student accommodation in the United Kingdom can be challenging.
However, it becomes easier with proper planning and understanding of your needs.
Hallbookers are there to help.
We're confident you'll be able to go through this process smoothly.
If you need help finding student accommodation in Leicester, our Hallbookers team can help.
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