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Student Guide: Where to Live in Bristol - Proximity to Campus and Local Vibes

Student Guide: Where to Live in Bristol - Proximity to Campus and Local Vibes

Hey, fellow students! If you're deciding where to live in Bristol, there are several cool areas to consider.

Here's my take on some popular spots, keeping in mind how far they are from our campuses and what each area has to offer:

Where to live in Bristol as a student - Proximity to campus and local vibes

  1. City Centre: Living in the city centre is fab if you love the hustle of shops, bars, and clubs. Think Cabot Circus and Park Street vibes. It's converted chiefly into office spaces and big student residences here. Parking is a nightmare, so be prepared for public transport or a good walk to campus.
  2. Gloucester Road: This place is a student magnet! It's buzzing with indie shops, bars, and cafes - like the UK's indie capital. Lots of student houses and flats around, and it's near enough to campus to make life easy.
  3. Bishopston and St Andrews: Perfect if you're into a quieter life but still want to be near the action. It's close to Gloucester Road, and getting to Frenchay Campus is a breeze with the buses. Plus, the large Victorian houses are great for bigger groups.
  4. Horfield: A bit more residential and laid back, but still close to Frenchay Campus. It's also on the Gloucester Road bus route, so that's handy. And yes, you can find parking here!
  5. Montpelier, St Paul’s and Stokes Croft: These areas are more diverse and have an edgy, alternative feel. Think graffiti art and a vibrant music scene. Plus, they're within walking distance of the city centre and Gloucester Road.
  6. Redland, Kingsdown and Cotham: These are great if you want to be on the quieter side of Gloucester Road. Plus, you're near Whiteladies Road, another hotspot for shops and cafes.
  7. Fishponds: Ideal for those studying at Glenside and Frenchay. It's mainly residential with some nice local pubs and shops, though it's not as trendy as Gloucester Road.
  8. Filton: Close to Frenchay Campus, but a bit far from the city centre buzz. Great if campus proximity is your top priority.
  9. Stoke Park, Frenchay and Cheswick Village: These are super close to the Frenchay Campus but are very residential and a bit quiet on the nightlife front.
  10. Bedminster/Southville: Getting popular with Bower Ashton students. North Street has cool spots like the Tobacco Factory Theatre and many cafes and restaurants.
  11. Totterdown/Windmill Hill: These areas are budget-friendly and close to Bower Ashton, especially if you're up for biking. Just be ready for some steep streets!
  12. Temple Meads/St Philips Marsh: Right in the city's heart near the train station, it's perfect if you want an inner-city feel and easy access to Broadmead.
  13. Hotwells/Clifton: Near Clifton Downs and the Suspension Bridge, these areas are a bit pricier but great for nature lovers and those who enjoy scenic walks or bike rides.

Remember, each area in Bristol has its unique charm. Consider what matters most to you – convenience, vibes, or budget – and you'll find the perfect spot to call home.

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Bristol student accommodation FAQs

1) Where do most students live in Bristol?

The most popular areas for students to live in Bristol are:

  • Gloucester Road: This area has shops, bars, cafes, and many flats and student houses. It has a buzzing community and is highly favoured by students.
  • Redland: Located near Gloucester Road, Redland is a thriving student hub comprising University of Bristol (UoB) and University of the West of England (UWE) students.
  • Cotham & Kingsdown: This leafy residential area is popular among students who enjoy a closer connection to the countryside.
  • Bristol City Centre: The city centre is a convenient location for students, with easy access to universities, amenities, and entertainment options.
  • Fishponds: This area offers affordable housing options and is home to UoB and UWE students.
  • Clifton: Clifton is a desirable area known for its Georgian architecture, green spaces, and vibrant atmosphere. It attracts both students and professionals.

2) When is the best time to look for student accommodation in Bristol?

The best time to start looking for student accommodation in Bristol depends on various factors, but we recommend beginning the search early.

Accommodation providers often start advertising and open bookings for the following academic year around October-November. It is a good idea to begin searching for student housing as soon as possible, as this allows you to check out potential places to live. Note that popular properties tend to get filled quickly!

To streamline your search, utilize online platforms and tools specifically designed for finding student accommodation in Bristol. HALLBOOKERS is a great place to search for student accommodation in Bristol.

3) Is Bristol cheap for students?

Sorry .... Unfortunately, no! Bristol is the #3 most expensive city in the United Kingdom. Living in Bristol requires a minimum of £800 per month without tuition fees.

You have to sum up the cost of housing, which will be (if you are lucky) £500, food + extras will be £200, and transportation will be around £100 monthly.

4) Is Bristol a good city for students?

Yes, it is! Bristol is a great destination for students:

  1. Student Life: The city offers an engaging student life with various activities, events, and societies to participate.
  2. Nightlife: Bristol has a lively nightlife with many clubs, bars, and music venues.
  3. Neighbourhoods: It features diverse neighbourhoods like the vibrant city centre, leafy Clifton, and lively Gloucester, each catering to different student tastes.
  4. Leading Universities: The city is home to two esteemed universities - the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE?).
  5. Cultural Hub: Bristol is known for its unique alternative culture and creativity, providing an inclusive environment for student.
  6. Laid-back Atmosphere: The city's relaxed vibe offers a less stressful environment than larger cities like London or Manchester.

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