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The most difficult places to find accommodation for students in the UK

The most difficult places to find accommodation for students in the UK

This girl in the photo above represents a student who has found accommodation in Bristol, and she cannot believe it!

Are you a university student planning to study in the UK?

Well, there are a few things you need to know about student accommodation in the UK:

  1. You need to plan and start your search early, really early!!
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The reality for students regarding student accommodation in the UK

In the UK Education sector, many students, including national and international students, are looking to secure a place in the University Halls or in the Private Student Accommodations.

But finding a good place to live while studying can be tough, especially in some areas of the UK.
The main problem is the cost of student housing, and the lack of University Halls options. Students worry about not having enough money to cover their living expenses and struggle to find affordable places to stay.
The good news is that as an alternative to accommodation in University Halls, Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), also known as private student accommodations, has become increasingly popular in recent years in the UK, offering a wide range of benefits and amenities, that University Halls cannot match.
Read this article in if you want to know more about PBSA in the UK.

The 10 most difficult places to find student accommodation in the UK

Looking at the ten hardest places to find student housing in the UK shows how culture, money, and rules all mix-up, making it hard for students to find a good place to live.

Finding accommodation for students in the UK can be challenging in various cities due to high demand and limited availability.

Here are some of the most difficult places to find student accommodation:

Manchester: Manchester is known to have one of the biggest shortages of student accommodation.

London: The capital city has a highly competitive rental market, which makes finding suitable and affordable student accommodation quite challenging.

Oxford and Cambridge: The prestigious university cities of Oxford and Cambridge have a limited supply of housing for their student populations.

Edinburgh: As a popular destination for international students, Edinburgh faces a significant demand for accommodation, leading to difficulties in finding suitable options.

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Bristol: Bristol, with its vibrant student population and limited housing stock, can be challenging for students to secure accommodation.

Brighton: The seaside city of Brighton is known for its high demand and limited supply of student housing.

Birmingham: Birmingham, with several universities and a large student population, experiences a shortage of accommodation.

Leeds: Leeds, a popular student city, has a shortage of affordable accommodation options, particularly in certain areas.

Glasgow: Glasgow, another city with a significant student population, experiences a high demand for accommodation, making it challenging for students to find suitable places to live.

Southampton: Southampton faces a shortage of student accommodation due to its large population of students.

As a student you need to plan, start your search early, and consider alternative options like private student accommodation PBSA, shared houses, or university-managed accommodation to increase your chances of finding suitable housing.

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