Clever Hacks for Cleaning Your Student Accommodation

Clever Hacks for Cleaning Your Student Accommodation

If you're a first-year student living in student accommodation in the UK, such as a Residence Hall or a shared house, you may have discovered that keeping your room clean is challenging.

However, living and studying in a clean and organized environment is crucial. Therefore, you should take it seriously.

We'll share some professional tips to make this task more manageable.

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Clever hacks for cleaning your student accommodation

Get organized with a cleaning schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is crucial in keeping your living space clean and organized. It allows you to assign specific tasks to different days, making sure that all areas of your student accommodation are given proper attention.

By dividing tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning throughout the week, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and maintain a consistently clean environment.

Declutter to free your space

You should first declutter your living space to clean your student accommodation effectively. Take some time to assess the items in your room and identify those that are no longer needed or serve no purpose.

You can then donate or sell these items, creating more space and removing unnecessary distractions. This will enable you to focus on maintaining a clean and organized environment.

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Optimize your cleaning supplies

Investing in the appropriate cleaning supplies can significantly affect the outcome of your cleaning tasks. It's recommended to use versatile and multi-purpose cleaning products that efficiently tackle various surfaces, thus eliminating the need for multiple cleaning agents.

It's crucial to check the labels and choose eco-friendly products to reduce the environmental impact.

Tackle dust and dirt efficiently

Dust and dirt can accumulate rapidly in student accommodations. To effectively remove these unwanted particles, it is recommended to use microfiber cloths or mops designed to catch and hold dirt.

These innovative tools will not only reduce the amount of dust but also leave your surfaces gleaming without the need for harsh chemicals.

Embrace green cleaning solutions

We don't need to harm our planet to maintain a clean living environment.

We can adopt green cleaning solutions by using natural alternatives in our cleaning routine. For instance:

  • Lemon juice and vinegar are great for eliminating tough stains and sanitizing surfaces.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar make a potent cleaning combination that removes stubborn grime.
  • Essential oils like tea tree or lavender add a pleasant fragrance and contain antimicrobial properties.

Master the art of efficient vacuuming

Keeping a student accommodation clean requires regular vacuuming. However, to ensure the best results, learning how to vacuum efficiently is essential.

Start by manually removing any large debris and then vacuum the area. Pay close attention to high-traffic areas, and don't forget to vacuum under furniture and in hard-to-reach corners to remove any hidden dust and allergens.

Keep your kitchen in pristine condition

The kitchen is often the heart of any student accommodation.

To keep it in fresh condition:

  • Maintain a regular cleaning routine.
  • Wipe down countertops after each use, clean appliances thoroughly, and regularly defrost and disinfect your refrigerator.
  • Remember, a clean kitchen promotes good hygiene and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Maintain a sparkling bathroom

A clean and hygienic bathroom is crucial for maintaining a comfortable living space. Creating a bathroom cleaning checklist is essential to ensure every area is cleaned.

This should include regularly cleaning the toilet bowl, sink, bathtub or shower, mirrors, and fixtures. It's also advisable to use specialized cleaning products and proper ventilation to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Following these strategies, you can keep your bathroom sparkling clean and free from unwanted bacteria.

Adopt the One In, One Out policy

To maintain an organized and clutter-free student accommodation, consider adopting the "one in, one out" policy. This policy requires you to remove an old item every time you introduce a new one into your living space. By following this approach, you can avoid the buildup of unnecessary belongings and keep your living quarters streamlined and tidy.

Implementing some clever cleaning hacks can transform your student accommodation into a clean, organized, and inviting space.
A positive environment for studying and relaxation can contribute to your overall well-being and academic success. Remember, taking care of your living space is an act of self-care, and it's worth investing the time and effort to create a comfortable and inspiring home away from home.

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