The most important question every university student should ask themselves

The most important question every university student should ask themselves

Time has a habit of flying by; sometimes, we just go through the motions without thinking about it.

But if we ask ourselves the right questions, we can uncover truly transformative insights to help us become our best version.

Today, if you are a young university student, it's important to ask yourself this significant question;

What’s my purpose?

Having a purpose in life is like having a compass that guides us through our journey.

It directs our actions, gives meaning to our existence, and gives us a reason to wake up every morning with enthusiasm and hope.

And you know what? It's such an amazing feeling!

I believe that having a purpose in life isn't just about achieving big goals or accumulating material wealth.

Rather, it's about finding joy and fulfilment in what we do and making a positive difference, no matter how small it may seem.

It's about doing something that you love and that brings you joy.

Think about it.

We become more focused and driven when we are passionate about something, and even the challenges seem worthwhile.

This is the power of purpose. It doesn't make life easier, but it makes it worth living.

So, what's your purpose? What makes you happy and fulfilled?

Finding your purpose needs clarity

Do you ever feel like a hamster running on a wheel, constantly moving but never getting anywhere?

It's a frustrating feeling, often because we lack a clear purpose.

Whether you are already attending university or starting soon, it's important to take a moment to pause and reflect.

Don't begin your university journey without a clear purpose in mind.

We’re not here to exist; we’re here to live.

How do you find your purpose?

Here are some questions to help you discover your purpose.

  • What is something you do every day that excites you and why?
  • Recognize your strengths and talents: How can you use your skills and passions to contribute to something larger than yourself?
  • Look to the people you admire: Often, we can find inspiration from those we admire to make the world a better place.
  • Imagine your best possible self. How can you work towards becoming that best self?

You can discover your purpose even if you are unsure what it is. It's a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and experimentation. It's important not to rush this process. Take your time to explore, experiment, and reflect.

Also, it's okay if your purpose evolves. Remember that this is a natural part of the journey.

Finding a career you are passionate about can provide motivation, focus and meaningful challenges, helping you discover your purpose.

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Written by
Paloma A.
I love to write about themes that I am passionate about.