Why is it important to make a plan and set goals when job hunting after university?

Why is it important to make a plan and set goals when job hunting after university?
That first year or so after university is full of possibilities. You’ve just graduated and been awarded a degree, and now, you have a whole new world of job opportunities.
You may be eager to start job hunting straight away, or, you might want to take some well-earned time off after the stress of final exams.
No matter what you decide, it’s crucial to make a plan for yourself to boost your chances of career success.

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We break it down in this article.

Identify your aspirations

It’s easy to slip into the habit of aimlessly applying for every job you see.

And while it might be important for you to get yourself set up with an income after university, you want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re aiming for in the long term.

Developing a plan and making goals can help you identify exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve for your career.

This will essentially help you to be more productive day to day – you’ll know exactly which tasks will help you to be on target to achieve your end goal.

Assess your progress

Each goal achieved is a milestone that brings you one step closer to your dream career.

A goal can be as small as applying for a certain number of jobs each day, or as significant as securing a big interview for your ideal role.

No matter the goals you set for yourself, having a plan laid out is a great way to see exactly where you’re at in your job-hunting journey each day you can assess your progress, and adjust your plan as needed.

Setting yourself both short and long-term goals is key to measuring your success. You don’t want to have to wait too long to see results – even getting your CV in order should be recognised as a goal achieved. Ultimately, the more you celebrate your achievements, the more motivated you’ll feel about reaching the next milestone.

Avoid unproductive habits

Having a plan can help you to stay committed to your career aspirations and hold yourself accountable for each of the actions that you’re taking towards securing a job.

Many of us feel relieved once we’ve finished with university – usually, we’ll want to let our hair down for a little while and experience some of the things we didn’t get to do while we were students.

This can be good for a while, but to avoid making it a habit, it’s important to set goals to stay productive throughout the job-hunting process.

Focus on your aspirations

Don’t forget, your aspirations are unique to you, so your career plan and goals will be too – so don’t get caught up in feeling that you have to be landing the same roles as your peers.

Take plenty of time to figure out what you’re looking for in your first graduate job, and adapt your plan to suit your needs accordingly.

Job hunting can be stressful, and it’s easy to change your plans if you feel it’s taking a while to land your dream job.

But, so long as you stay committed to your end goal, you’ll find yourself on the right path – avoid veering off course, and trust that each small step will propel you towards the career you’re hoping for.

Written by
Stephanie Barrett

Stephanie is a recruiter who pairs graduates with jobs that match their skill sets.

She knows how hard it can be to land that dream role straight out of university, and encourages her candidates to exercise perseverance when applying for their first graduate positions.