Tips to find the perfect student accommodation in the UK

Tips to find the perfect student accommodation in the UK

Are you going to the university this September and need to find the perfect student accommodation? Well, before you make any reservation, you have to think about some factors

Here is a small guide that will give you the options available.

Student accommodation types

University Student Accommodation

You can choose accommodation arranged by your university right on campus. This is a great choice if you like being close to classes and feeling safe within the university grounds. But, you may not have as much freedom when choosing your room.

Purpose-built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

PBSA has become very popular in recent years in the UK. This type of accommodation offers more benefits than traditional accommodation for students.

Private student accommodations are big buildings with large apartments, PBSA and they were built specifically for university students.

They offer flexibility, so you can choose dates and room types, and another great thing is that the building are usually located close to university and college campuses.

PBSA offers excellent security measures and top facilities, such as gyms, games rooms, study spaces, cinemas, and communal rooms. In resume PBSA offers a high-quality accommodation with convenient access to university resources

Private rented accommodation

You can consider to rent a house with some other students. The best part is that you can choose who you live with and where. Most of the universities have an accommodation office that can help you.

You will need time to view the properties and take decisions. Rent is usually cheaper than halls, but, remember! you'll have to pay bills on top.

Payments for utilities, Wi-Fi access, contents insurance, and a TV license will be extra but you can share this with your flat mates.

In the UK everyone in your house must be a full-time student to avoid council tax.

Book your student accommodation ASAP

If you are a student and, like many others, are looking for a place to stay, remember that availability may vary depending on the city chosen. If you want to find the best place for your needs and be near your campus, our recommendation is to start your search as early as possible.

Student accommodation in Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge or London tends to be booked quickly.

If you book your accommodation but don't get the required grades, don't worry. Most private student halls provide a "No Place, No Pay" policy, which means you can cancel your booking if you can't secure a place in your desired course.

Check their social media

If you are an international student looking for accommodation, it can take a lot of work to check out the place before booking it. If this is your situation, looking at the accommodation's social media pages is very helpful. Facebook and Instagram accounts can provide valuable insights into their facilities and events.

You can contact our team for assistance with any questions or doubts.

Another great way to find information about your university location and the best places to book accommodation is by joining Facebook groups dedicated to uni accommodation. These groups always offer useful information and insights from past members. They can answer any questions you may have based on their experience.

Types of rooms

1. Studios: Available for single or multiple occupants, consisting of a private bedroom, living space, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. En-suites: These are designed for single occupancy; a private bathroom and a shared kitchen are available.

3. Non-En-suites: These are also available for single or multiple occupants and come with a private bedroom, shared living space, shared kitchen, and shared bathroom.

The cost of the room will depend on the option you choose.

What's included in student accommodation?

If you decide to live in a residence hall, if you have no idea whether you need to bring a kettle or toaster for your stay, don't worry. Most of the residence halls will provide you a manual with a description of all the facilities available in your space

But remember that the number of things you will need to pack for your student accommodation depends on your chosen location.

The advantage of living in a Residence Hall is that all bills are included in the rent.

Most of the modern PBSA options offer amazing features:

  • Spaces for communal use include a TV room, games room, and various games, including table football, pool table, and table tennis.
  • Bike storage is also available, and there is a laundry room for washing and drying clothes.
  • Nowadays, most PBSAs offer a gym accessible to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they study.
  • Each room has a comfortable bed and bed storage, so you will stay comfortably.
  • Each room comes with its en-suite shower for your convenience and cleanliness

Budget, terms and conditions

Before searching for student accommodation, it's essential to consider your budget.

What is your monthly budget? Once you have this clear, start to look for suitable accommodation.

Sharing a living space with others is usually the most cost-effective option. However, a studio apartment might be more suitable if you have a higher budget. Most Purpose-Built Student Accommodations (PBSAs) and university residences include bills in the rent, so you know exactly what you need to pay.

Student accommodation payment terms and conditions

Familiarizing yourself with the payment terms and schedules when looking for student accommodations is essential. Most places offer a choice between paying in full, in instalments, or monthly. If you plan on applying for a student loan, it might be beneficial to pay in instalments that match when your loan comes through each term or opt for monthly payments.

Read and understand the accommodation contracts

Nobody likes to read Contracts, but they are crucial. Don´t sign any document before you have thoroughly read it and understood your rights and obligations.

You must be sure about your rights if you are not accepted to your university, fail to acquire a visa or new travel restrictions are imposed.

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