Productivity tip: The weekly review

Productivity tip: The weekly review

If you've ever felt like your weeks are whizzing by in a blur of classes, assignments, and endless to-do lists, you’re not alone. Many of us are on autopilot, especially when exams are just around the corner, simply reacting to whatever comes our way. But we have a game-changing practice to help you regain control: the Weekly Review.

Productivity tip: The weekly review

Doing a weekly review, whether on a Friday evening or over the weekend, can be a real game-changer. It’s your time to reflect, get organized, and plan, ensuring you're on track with your goals and priorities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Weekly Review Guide

Step 1: Reflect on the past week

Before jumping into next week, take a moment to look back. Ask yourself:

  • What went well? Celebrate your wins, big and small.
  • What didn’t go as planned? Spot any challenges or roadblocks.
  • What did you learn? Think about any takeaways or insights.

Step 2: Clear your mental clutter

Free up your mental space by:

  • Emptying your inbox: Sort and organize your emails.
  • Tidying your workspace: A clean space can help you think clearly.
  • Writing a brain dump: Jot down all your tasks, ideas, and reminders to clear your mind.

Step 3: Review your goals and projects

Check-in with your short-term and long-term goals:

  • Progress check: How are you doing on your goals?
  • Adjustments needed: Do you need to tweak any plans?
  • Upcoming milestones: Mark important dates and deadlines for the coming week.

Step 4: Plan your week

Create a game plan for the week ahead:

  • Prioritize tasks: Figure out your top priorities.
  • Schedule key activities: Block out time for important tasks, classes, and breaks.
  • Set goals: Define clear, actionable goals for the week.

Step 5: Prepare for challenges

Be ready for potential obstacles:

  • Identify risks: What might mess up your plans?
  • Contingency plans: Have backup strategies ready.
  • Energy management: Plan for rest and downtime to stay at your best.

Step 6: Reflect and recalibrate

Wrap up your review with a quick reflection:

  • Mindset check: Are you feeling positive and motivated?
  • Adjust if necessary: Make any last-minute changes to your plan.
  • Commit: Reaffirm your commitment to your goals and plan.

Why This Matters

Regularly stepping out of autopilot mode to do a weekly review can:

  • Boost your productivity: By focusing on what matters most.
  • Enhance your clarity: Make sure your actions align with your goals.
  • Increase your confidence: Knowing you’re in control of your time and tasks.

Just by dedicating an hour each week to this practice, you can transform your student life, ensuring you’re not just busy, but truly productive and fulfilled.

Hope this guide helps you take charge and steer your week with intention. Stay tuned for more tips and insights in our next blog post at The Monitor!


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