Top 5 Restaurants To Visit For A Student In London

While living in student accommodation, cooking is or will be always a special matter we lazy students don’t want to think about. Here you have Hallbookers’ top 5 of the best places to eat with friends or alone. Because yes, it will happen.

5th Chinatown Buffet

On the Fifth place we have the well known Chinatown Buffet in the heart of China Town in Soho. Great place to eat in the while enjoying the dynamic of London just before going out or when you and your friends want to enjoy a good meal for more or less than 10 pound. We recomend the Hong Kong Buffet which is located 14 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE

4th Chiquito (Leicester Square)

Chiquito is coming fourth in our top 5 best restaurants to visit. Very nice Mexican restaurant with a bar for people thinking of pre-drinking before a long party night. Situated on Leicester square it is a restaurant perfect for freshers wanting to discover the night life vene before you start your night in the heart of London. Food is more than you expect, make sure you don’t eat before going there because you’ll want to order everything that is on the menu. 20-21 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LE

3rd Bodean’s

The third place is awarded to one of the best barbeque food chain Bodean’s in London. It’s not the normal restaurant. It’s THE place to be for grilled meat or the best porc ribs you could ever imagine. If you meet the girl of your life in student accommodation, think twice before going there because your attention will be on your plate instead of the girl. In case you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the Tower Bridge while getting your belly full, Bodeans’ near Tower Hill is the one you need. 16 Byward St, London EC3R 5BA

2nd Kitchin (Kings Cross)

Kitchin is THE buffet every student in London needs to go at least once. They offer contemporary & classic selections of meat dishes; suckling pig, game, char-grilled steaks, offal, pastas & more. Very big variety of food which you can have as much as you want. Perfect for students who trust their stomach and like to eat till they feel they are about to explode. Definitely a restaurant to go. 8 Caledonia Stree, Kings Cross, London N1 9AA

Tinselt Tawn

Because of their service, quality of food, price and many more Tinselt Tawn is awarded the first place of the list. This place offers you the best variety of burgers, meat, chicken and deserts you would ever imagine.  Tinselt Tawn, typical American style designed dining room with the menu that you expect. This one is the on you go to treat yourself after a good day of studying or working on assignments. A pure happiness when you see your food or their amazing legendary Ambassador Milkshakes coming to you. Perfect place to forget all your stress or things you have in your head and to enjoy the perfect and typical American dinner. 35, Great Portland St

Image credit: Spilltojill Flickr CC licence