6 Things That Change When You Go To Uni















A lot changes when you move out, but not everything you would expect….




Home Roast Dinners vs Uni Roast Dinners






The fact that you even attempt to duplicate the masterpiece that is your mothers roast is blasphemy frankly. The only thing worse than that, is the state of the veg…





Laundry at home vs laundry at uni









It’s all just too much for one person; I’m going for a lie down.





Food Shopping at Home vs Food Shopping at Uni     








It’s all about prioritisation in reality; spend your money on the important things firstly (like frosty jacks or K’s) and then concentrate on the non-essentials like food and cleaning paraphernalia. 















An important point to mention here – don’t be the I always cleans up after myself but in reality I use 5 large plates, 2 bowls and a saucepan for a piece of toast and then leave it in the sink to soak guy. It won’t bode well for making friends. On top of that, what would your mother say?






Friends from Home vs. Friends at Uni










Seriously, where do all of these rich people come from? However, you will rarely manage to capture one of these beasts into your inner circle of friends, so you will still remain poor, unimportant and sad about how your parents aren’t Swiss bankers or international super spies. 





When Friends from home get new friends 












Fine. Get new friends in your northern university, where shots are 10p and you and all your mental friends are having the “best time ever”. I didn’t want to be friends with you anyway. I’ve got loads of Netflix to catch up with. 







Jake Li

University of Westminster Student

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