SQA Day - A Great Result For Scotland

SQA Day - A Great Result For Scotland

Just finished school this summer in Scotland? Then you were probably up since the early hours on Tuesday waiting for that envelope to fall on your doormat (or text to ping in your inbox.) It was the day the SQA sent out your Scottish Qualifications Certificate, and if you are intending to go on to university, it may have been one of the most important moments of your life so far.

If you weren’t intending to go, or perhaps achieved better results than you expected, then hopefully we can inspire you. There is still time!

Staying in Scotland

Recent figures show that an overwhelming 93% of Scottish school leavers go on to a Scottish university. When you look at the facts the real question is not ‘why so many?’ but: ‘why would you leave?’

According to the highly regarded NSS survey, which reflects student responses to questions on such things as teaching quality and university resources, satisfaction amongst Scottish university students is climbing fast, with St Andrews as the number one national favourite this year and Dundee ranking in the top 10.

Another tick in the Scotland box is the fact that tuition is free for Scottish students in Scotland, or rather it is covered by the generous Student Awards Agency For Scotland (SAAS), who can also provide you with a loan and even a bursary if you are eligible. So whereas graduates from the rest of the UK are burdened with scary debts in the early stages of their professional lives, Scottish students are better able to thrive economically.

A Scottish Legacy.

Scottish students can quickly build on this economic headstart as the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that graduates from Scottish universities go on to obtain salaries that gross on average £500 more per year than those from the rest of the UK.

Scottish students also join a legacy of excellence well known across the world. As well as the many famous historical names, such as Alexander Graham Bell, John Logie Baird and Professor Higgs, there are a host of famous modern day Scottish alumni excelling in all walks of life.

On the news you might see Laura Kuenssberg (University of Edinburgh) putting tough questions to Nicola Sturgeon (University of Glasgow), followed by Laura Muir (University of Glasgow) winning another medal in the sports report. Perhaps you will go on to be the next great luminary of your field!

International Scotland

Scottish universities hold a powerful appeal for international students. Statistics from Hesa show that in recent years nearly ¼ of newly enrolled students in Scotland are from outside the UK. For those from the EU there is the bonus that they are also exempt from tuition. The prestigious reputation of Scottish universities is also attracting students from outside the EU in rising numbers.

So as a Scottish student you will be able to make friends and contacts from across the globe without even leaving your beautiful homeland! This will prove a great benefit for your future career in this increasingly interconnected world.

In so many ways making international friends can be a wonderful experience, you’ll learn about new places, master the swear words of a new language, maybe discover a new favorite cuisine. Perhaps one day you will be the visitor in their country, and have a friend to guide you and a free place to stay!

What Should You Do Next?

First off we hope you got the results you needed and are getting ready to celebrate. But don’t fear if you didn’t quite make the requirements for your first choice. UCAS clearing is already open and you have a 9 day head start on the rest of the UK to get in somewhere great.

Once the initial excitement of getting your results has worn off, you should really start setting your sights on your next destination. As well as a place to study and socialise this is also going to be your home, so selecting the right accommodation is the most important choice after selecting the right course.

Even if you’re only moving within Scotland it can still be nerve wracking leaving the family home for the first time. This is where we can step into help.

With new halls popping up all over to deal with the massive draw of the excellent universities, Scotland is not short of choice when it comes to quality student accommodation. Navigating through these options however can be daunting, and it is here that we at Hallbookers can assist you.

Our online resource allows you to compare thousands of halls, read trusted reviews and get free advice - all in one place.

Click on the following links to see halls near each of these Scottish universities:

University of St Andrews

University of Glasgow

University of Aberdeen

University of Edinburgh

University of Strathclyde

Heriot-Watt University

University of Dundee

Edinburgh Napier University

The Robert Gordon University

Glasgow Caledonian University

Queen Margaret University

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