7 Things You Might Not Know About Clearing

7 Things You Might Not Know About Clearing

If you don’t know anything about clearing then you should check our complete guide, but here are 7 things that even those in the know might not realise.


If you have decided that you no longer want to take your firm choice you need to call the university to inform them ASAP. Only after you have discussed the matter with them can you be released into clearing.


If you didn’t get the results you thought you needed but Track hasn’t yet confirmed your clearing status, get in contact with the university, it may be that they are still considering your application despite your results being slightly low.


Research the university that you are interested in thoroughly, student reviews on such sites as whatuni can be very useful for impartial insights beyond the universities own marketing.


If your call with a university goes well and they offer you a verbal confirmation it is good practice to request an email to have it confirmed in writing too, just in case of any confusion later.


Only add a choice on Track after you have spoken to the university, if you add before speaking to them it may slow down the whole process.


Once you have secured a place you can view and print your acceptance letter in Track, as well as showing it to your much relieved family, you might also need this as evidence to open a student bank account or book into student accommodation.


An additional option that UCAS now offers to students in clearing is the Direct Contact Service. Here universities and colleges can contact you directly to make you an offer. It means you will have to be prepared to talk at any moment, but perhaps an option you would never have considered will come your way!

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