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A Great Resource For International Students And Their Families.

A Great Resource For International Students And Their Families.

UK Education Guide

If you intend to study in the UK from overseas or are the parent of a prospective student, we understand that making all those important decisions can be overwhelming.

The UK is internationally acclaimed for the quality of its education sector. Indeed it is one of the nation's major exports, and for good reason. The breadth of courses available and the number of excellent institutions are breathtaking.

You can consult many ranking tables, from The Times and the Guardian in the UK to the pioneering international Shanghai Ranking. Still, as their criteria vary across the board, they can sometimes cause more confusion. Often, incredible departments flourish in less-known universities. Concerning pre-sessionals and college-level education, deciding from far away can be even more challenging.

Although we are primarily a ratings and review platform for private student accommodation, we also give much extra advice about all aspects of the educational experience, particularly to international students. We are always looking for helpful sites to which we can send students if their enquiry is beyond our areas of expertise, and that is why the site Guide caught our eye.

Like us, they are an entirely independent service, and they specialise in providing all the information you should know when considering studying in the UK. The site offers detailed advice for every step of the student journey, from boarding school pathway courses to the most prestigious Russell Group universities.

As well as comparing your options regarding education providers, you can also access in-depth guidance regarding visa applications, personal statements, guardianships and more.

So, if you are a future international student or the proud parent of one, we recommend visiting the UK Education Guide.

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