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Next Year Movers - Early Bird Gets The Room

Next Year Movers - Early Bird Gets The Room

So you’ve got over freshers week. Made a few amazing friends and are starting to get down to some serious studying. Accommodation is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you don’t want to miss out on the best options you should start planning next year’s move early - By March, 58% of students will already have their accommodation arranged. So don’t be too late to the hunt!

There was once an expectation that halls were just part of the 1st year experience and shared houses were for the later years of uni. But, with increasingly high standards and some great deals out there, it is becoming more common for 2nd and 3rd years to stay on or enter more desirable private halls after their 1st year.

Here’s some things you need to consider before you start looking:

Money Matters

Be honest with yourself when it comes to how much you can spend on your accommodation, balance your funds against your demands and compromise if necessary. Also remember to factor in the hidden costs from bills and estate agent fees if applicable, these don’t apply if you are staying in private halls - as bills are included in the lump sum of the rent. This means gas, electric, insurance and the all important Wifi. Important to remember when comparing seemingly cheap shared houses to more expensive looking halls.

Quality of Life

How do you picture your lifestyle as a student? The days when the only option was to rough it in substandard housing are long gone, so look around. You might want to consider halls if you require the privacy of a studio, the convenience of an onsite gym, places to socialise such as roof terraces and common rooms, and the peace of mind that comes with having security on the door.

Location location location

If you intend to make those early morning lectures, without putting a downer on your social life, you need to be reasonably close to the university. Always be sure to research the location of the properties you are considering carefully, remember there is usually a pay off between proximity and cost. If its a bit further out check to see if there are good transport connections, but just make sure you don’t end up renting a house in some lifeless isolated wasteland!

Hall of Heroes

Unless you can afford that deluxe penthouse with 100% privacy, you are going to have to undertake the age old diplomatic challenge of student cohabiting. You want the brave, the faithful, the hilarious, the guy who cleans his own pots! If you and a group of friends are all ready then it is perfectly possible to arrange your ‘dream corridor’ in a private halls if you move quickly enough. Another advantage is that if these early friendships don’t blossom into something wonderful, and the only communication is via snarky post-it notes on the fridge, you are able to be reallocated into a different corridor, not stuck in a shared house with your mortal enemies!

Above all else make sure you find somewhere that will have a positive effect on your studies, you are paying a lot for that degree and your lifestyle should be helping you towards success!

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