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A new post-study work visa, how does it affect you?

A new post-study work visa, how does it affect you?

UK government has announced in September 2019 a new post study work visa, or PWS visa, for international students. After Brexit, there is big chance that the UK would have to face with the shortage and loss of talents around the world. Fortunately, the post study visa could attract international talents to study in the UK and increase the possibility of the graduates stay and make contributions to the UK.

Here are more details you may want to know:

  • With the new Graduate Immigration Route, international students are allowed to have extra time to stay and work after their graduation. Students who have finished undergraduate or postgraduate degree will have 2 years; whilst PhD students can stay for 3 years, having even longer time to find a suitable job.
  • This policy will be launched in summer of 2021, which means that students who graduate in the summer next year or later are all eligible. In other words, if you’ve already started your courses this autumn, you can benefit by the new post study work visa as well.
  • Those students whose Tier 4 visa leave expires before the launching of new Graduate Immigration Route will not be eligible for this policy.
  • Due to the pandemic of the Covid-19, many international students are forced to continue their studies through distance learning. The UK government has permitted that students who are taking courses by distance are also eligible to apply for the new graduate route, provided they will be in the UK by 6 April 2021.
  • Applicants of this graduate route will also need to pay for visa fee and Immigration Health Surcharge. The exact fee is not announced yet.

The current Tier 4 visa allows international students to stay for up to 4 months after they finish their studies. Many students usually find it difficult to find a suitable job in such a short time. Moreover, having only four-month staying, employers might be less willing to hire international students, for 4 months are usually too short to check the ability of the graduates. With 2 more years of staying, meaning students could have more time to search for an ideal job and explore the prospect of their career. Whether students choose to work or even travel around during the 2 years, this could be a great experience.

The launching of the post study work visa could be an exciting news for international students who are interested in working in the UK and employers. For employers, longer time means they have enough time to confirm the person’s professional ability and suitability to the company, so as to decide whether to apply for Tier 2 work visa for this employee.

For international students, they also have enough time to prove their values and make attribution to the company. Even if they decide not to stay in the same company or return to their countries, two-year work experience could more or less strengthens their ability.

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