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How to prepare for the credibility interview?

How to prepare for the credibility interview?

What is the Credibility Interview?

A credibility interview is part of the visa application if you plan to study in the UK. The Home Office conducts it, and the purpose of having interviews is to make sure whether the applicants are “genuine” students and whether their English levels meet the standard.

Formats of Interview

A credibility interview is a one-to-one interview between students and staff of the admission office. Due to the COVID-19, ways of conducting the interview may be to either meet in person, video, or phone calls, such as Skype and Zoom.

What Kind of Information Will You Need to Prepare?

Of course, a credibility interview is not only about checking your English level and determining whether you are a genuine student; there is also plenty of information the interviewer would like to know about you.

In general, the topics could be separated into 3 categories:

  • Your studies in the UK

To demonstrate your knowledge of the program’s content that you are going to take, it is better to understand the courses, such as the modules, and your choice of universities. Make sure you have done the complete research and know what courses your university offers before interviewing. Consider also your motivation for studying in the UK instead of your home country or other countries.

  • Your plans for the future

You may also be asked to tell your plans for the future after going to the UK, thus considering possible objectives while studying and after graduating. Also, think about how your studies in the UK can benefit your plans and help you achieve them.

  • Financial circumstances

Studying abroad is not a small issue, so the Home Office will try to ensure you have enough financial resources to support your stay in the UK. You will need to know the number of your annual expenses, including tuition fees, accommodations, and living costs. You may be asked to explain how and who will fund your studies in the UK.

In addition to the topics above, if you have a break in your studies, you will likely have to show your experience in your study gap years. The answers to questions like “Why do you decide to return to study?” and “What have you been doing during gap years?” are what you need to prepare in advance.

Sample Questions

We gathered some questions you will most likely be asked in a credibility interview, which might help you more.

1. Why do you decide to study in the UK? In your opinion, what is the difference between studying in the UK and studying in Canada, the U.S., or Australia?

2. Why have you chosen this course, and how will it enhance your knowledge?

3. What modules/credits do your courses offer?

4. What are your plans for the future after you finish your studies in the UK?

5. How your studies could benefit your future career?

6. Who will support your studies and living in the UK?

7. What is your parent’s annual income?

Not every visa applicant will be asked to attend the credibility interview, but it still helps you prepare it well and take it seriously, for this is a chance to show that you are credible and eager to study in the UK. You will be informed if you need to be interviewed. Since this is an essential process for your UK visa application, regularly check your email box and monitor related information. Make everything prepared, and then you will be well on your way!

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