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When will universities reopen again?

When will universities reopen again?

Current Policy on Higher Education

As the UK government announced on 4 January 2021, we have entered into third national lockdown, with continuing closure of schools, colleges, and universities. The Prime Minister has announced that there will be no face-to-face learning for the majority of students and pupils until 8 March at the earliest. Since the mass movement of students from the UK and overseas could pose a great risk for virus transmission, HE providers are asked to restrict students from returning to face-to-face education and also aiming to reduce the numbers needing to access university facilities.

Who can return to university?

According to the government, the priority is to get students back into face-to-face teaching, thus, only students on the following areas would be able to return to university:

1. Medicine and dentistry

2. Subjects allied to medicine/Health

3. Veterinary science

4. Education (initial teacher training)

5. Exception only, a very limited number of courses which require Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) assessments and or mandatory activity which is scheduled for January and which cannot be rescheduled (although the presumption is that in the majority of cases, these will be rescheduled outside the period of national restrictions).

However, not all courses that are categorized in the above areas will return to in-person teaching, while the majority of courses remain online, so be sure to ask your university for further information

Financial funds for students

The UK government announced an additional £50 of new financial support for students who have been impacted by the Coronavirus. Since financial hardship has been a problem throughout the outbreak, this funding is used to aid students who encountered difficulties because of the pandemic, such as those who have to pay additional costs for alternative accommodation and online courses, or loss of employment. The government also encourages more universities and accommodation providers to offer refunds and rebates for students who can’t stay at their term-time address. But if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19, be sure to contact your university or higher education provider for assisting!

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