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Top 10 budget-friendly Universities in the UK

Top 10 budget-friendly Universities in the UK

As one of the most popular international study destinations, the UK is well known for its high living costs and tuition fees. Are you on a budget but still dreaming of getting a British degree?

Here, we sorted out ten budget-friendly universities in the UK to help you find an ideal university. Note that the number is an average. The exact amount can vary from the courses you choose.

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10. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Average annual costs: £13,000

The origin of Leeds Beckett University can be traced back to 1824. Located in West Yorkshire, Leeds Beckett University offers many subject areas and courses. Besides, it provides the equipment and resources students will need to prepare for their future careers.

Example subjects: Physiotherapy, Economics, Landscape Architecture and Design

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9. University of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England

Average annual costs: £12,900

This is a public and modern university, separated into six campuses across the counties of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The University of Bedfordshire invested a lot of money in buildings and facilities to provide a better learning environment and the most developed equipment.

Example subjects: Journalism, Human Resources, Marketing

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8. University of Cumbria

Limehouse, London, England

Average annual costs: £12,800

Apart from the lower tuition fees and living costs, the University of Cumbria is famous for its “small and friendly” image, small class teaching mode and high quality of education. With beautiful scenery and affordable fees, it has always been attractive for international students.

Example subjects: Art & Design, Law, Teacher Training, Paramedic Science

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7. University of West London

Ealing and Brentford, England

Average annual costs: £12,750

University of West London is ranked number one of the modern universities in London, and one of the most popular universities in the UK. Known as the “career university”, UWL has been engaged in vocational and technical education for more than 130 years, the courses are designed to ensure work after graduation.

Example subjects: Accounting & Finance, Acting & Theatre Making, Social Work

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6. York St John University

York, England

Average annual costs: £12,750

The York St John University achieved university status in 2006 and is located in the historical city of York. With its religious foundations, subjects like theology, nursing, and education are the most popular and well known. Besides, York St John University is ranked 83rd in the Times University Guide in 2021.

Example subjects: Theology, Psychology, life sciences

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5. University of Chester

Chester, England

Average annual costs: £12,450

Established in 1839, the University of Chester is one of the oldest public universities in the UK. The University of Chester is regularly inspected and evaluated by the British Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency and has received extremely high evaluations. It places importance on the practical education and employment of students and has close cooperation with many companies.

Example subjects: Health, Business Management, Medical Science, Computer Science, Art Therapy

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4. University of Bolton

Bolton, Greater Manchester, England

Average annual costs: £12,450

The University of Bolton is known for rigorous teaching, flexible courses, and practicality. The student population of this university is the most ethnically diverse in the UK. Business, computer, accounting, education, and English are the strengths of the school.

Example subjects: Criminology, Media, Computing, Management

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3. University of Suffolk

Suffolk and Norfolk, England

Average annual costs: £12,150

The University of Suffolk is relatively smaller than others in the UK, this means that the university offers more personal experience and students will have access to expert tutors. The university also takes the employability of students seriously, and all of the degrees get involved in problem-solving, creative thinking, delivering presentations, and using digital technologies.

Example subjects: Art & Design, Health, Business

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2. Leeds Trinity University

Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Average annual costs: £12,000

Despite its smaller number of enrolments, the Leeds Trinity University has a growing number of international students. Recently, university investment has been used to develop media studies and journalism degrees. It offers also professional work placement with every degree.

Example subjects: Journalism, Teaching, Arts and Communication

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1. Royal Agricultural University

Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.

Average annual costs: £11,000

The Royal Agricultural University is the oldest agricultural university in English-speaking countries and has been at the forefront of agricultural education since its establishment. It has high ratings for teaching excellence and student experience. Also, it is ranked in the top 10 at the Whatuni Student Choice Award in both 2019 and 2020.

Example subjects: Real Estate & Land Management, Business & Entrepreneurship, Equine Management & Science

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Although studying in the UK usually comes at a very high price, you still have choices to make wiser financial planning. Considering the lower fees of these universities, you can both get a high-quality education and save your money.

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